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Comprehensive remodeling

You don’t have to adapt yourself to your project; let your project adapt to you.

We believe time is precious, so we want you
to spend that time doing what you enjoy.
From planning and design to the brickwork and furniture, we handle the entire remodeling or renovation of your place, from design to completion. 


Small details for big ideas.

We create wardrobes, kitchen and bathroom furniture tailored to your taste and needs.
When you choose the design, our team will manufacture it on the island of Majorca, exclusively for you.



During our first remote meeting, we will discuss your ideas and goals and answer any questions you may have.


We will then proceed to the space in person to take measurements during our first face-to-face meeting.


After we define your project, we will present you with two proposals from which you can choose. Already have one? We can review it and assist you!


We will detail a phased action plan based on the objectives of your reform and tailored to you.


Our team will coordinate a multidisciplinary approach to ensure a smooth transition from planning to execution for your project.


You can check the status of the renovation from the comfort of your own home with the help of a photo report.


Dreamed up and created on the paradisiacal island of Majorca.

The Meraki project has been cooked at a low heat, slowly and conscientiously, as all good things are.

Our main focus is to provide comprehensive solutions fit to purpose for clients looking to outsource their renovations from beginning to end.

We have set up a team of professionals from various areas, including engineers, designers, builders, carpenters, painters, accountants, photographers, and a project manager. We all work together on every project to ensure a smooth planning and execution process.

We share our ideas and knowledge on a daily basis in order to ensure that the gear parts fit perfectly. We strive to create solid foundations built on communication, mutual support, and trust to assure our customers’ peace of mind.


The result you dream of, is a sum of every small detail

Our team is eager to learn about your project! So let's book a free first meeting without compromise, and share with us your ideas.

If you would like to ask some more questions please contact us at:

© Meraki Home and Build 2023
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© Meraki Home and Build 2023
All rights reserved
Web design: Ona Estudio

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